An Exclusive Investment Model

Primestone is a bespoke property development group securing prime development sites, delivering superior returns for its members.

With intimate knowledge of all aspects of the development process, we are backed by an understanding of the economy, property markets, council approvals, building construction and financing. This ensures that we are able to assemble the most proficient teams for each project.

Primestone’s objective is to give its members the opportunity to partner with proven experts in premium development projects from commencement to completion.


Site selection – The success of any project is choosing the right site. Therefore our stringent criteria in selecting our site plays an important part of the process.

Design – Unique designs that maximise development potential, area attractive to buyers and are adaptable to council consideration.

Project management systems – An exclusive in house project management system that ensures all our projects remains on time, and on budget.

Contingency plans – If a challenge arises, we have the ability to move and change direction quickly, for example when the market shifts, there are style changes, a builder’s insolvency, objections from neighbours, planning and other requirements.

Expert Team – We team with proven experts in the industry who we have worked with for decades, ranging from town planning, traffic management, environment, engineering, architecture. We ensure we have the best people on the job always.

Each property investment is structured through a special purpose entity, protecting your investment.

With low official cash rates, many investors are looking to diversify into other investments. Successful property development funds achieve consistently higher returns for investors.

The research we undertake incorporates analysis of a range of variables including historical property market data and economic and population trends. This is fundamental to providing an accurate snapshot of future property market activity which informs our investments.

We believe that fundamental to long-term success, is mutual success. You can feel assured that you are not on this journey alone; we are hands-on and involved at every level, including financially. Your security lies in knowing that we actively involved in our own funds.

Fostering genuine business relationships with third-party partners is key to our success. Primestone prides itself on strong alliances by confirming compatibility, understanding motivations, conducting due diligence and clarifying expectations.

Our key strategic relationships are governed at every entry point by our highly experienced Board of Directors. Primestone’s objective is to provide consistent, high yielding returns that are secured.



Over the years we’ve developed numerous solid and respected relationshiops across the industry.

The methodology in the company’s approach and due diligence taken with each project provided the security I needed to be united with such an inspiring team. If you are seeking comfort, security and direction with your hard earned capital, do not hesitate to make the transition.

Nick K

They make you feel like you are part of their team and not just investors. They are down to earth and relatable; a bunch of nice people who have your best interest at heart. Looking forward to reaping the rewards from our initial investment and then doing it again!

Sandra P, Investor, AU

The whole team at Primestone Projects have been fantastic to deal with, and extremely helpful. Our experience was smooth from start to finish, and we are delighted to have been given the opportunity to invest with Primestone Projects. Their experience, knowledge & professionalism is outstanding.

Natalie V